Decisions and the psychology of your future self

Just came across this great TED talk, about decisions and the psychology of you future self. Some of you might be thinking the what now to the who?

Well it is pretty simple, it is a talk about a study where they looked at the differences between what you think today and what you think in ten years, and the differences from either end. If I still haven’t got you, just watch, it will make more sense at the end.

So yet again we are found to be wanting in regards to being rational. I look back ten years and though there are some interesting points that haven’t changed, there certainly some “important’ decisions I have made that, on reflection, maybe weren’t as earth shattering as I thought.
Moreover, if you think about it, there are well known people who probably tick every box from the talk, and have many decisions that they have some reflection on. However, then again maybe that is just part of the celebrity curse.

What decisions do you think your future self will scratch your head over, and/or what past decisions are you doing that now with?

Posted on June 25, 2014 in Must Watch, TED

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