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I have been a member of Linkedin for about 7 years, not an early adopter in a global sense but I am pretty sure I was in the first few thousands of members in Australia.  I am a fan, I love it, I could spend hours on it and often do.

The only negative is that, while membership for Linkedin in Australia is comparatively high, I don’t feel many understand or utilise its full power here. I suspect that many simply see Linkedin as an online Resume or some sort of variation on Facebook.

I have recently come across this video from the CEO Linkedin Jeff Weiner from earlier this year (2014), and I consider it a MUST WATCH for every professional. Once you see what they are on about I reckon you will start digging deeper.  

Grab a coffee and watch in now…


I am sure you will agree some of the stats are mind blowing, and they have a clear and workable plan for the future.  At the very least the video is a great insight into  (no doubt) a successful business, but it is so much more. After watching it I want to be part of the business myself, not just a member.  The flow ons from their ideas are massive, and I suspect with what ever payment model they use, it will also be massively profitable as well.  At about 15 minuets Jeff states the vision for the future:

“Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce”

He then goes on to explain what this is, after that if you aren’t excited about where this could be heading, please check your pulse.

So if you aren’t a member of Linkedin, don’t you think it is time? And please feel free to discuss how powerful the Economic Graph is going to be to anyone who is involved.

Posted on March 19, 2014 in Business, Must Watch

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